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Who Are We?

Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd

Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd was established to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to various industrial needs. We specialize in quality high pressure coolant pumps, hydraulic, oil lubricating and submersible pumps. Made from high quality and standardized materials, these pumps have proven extreme performance to various industries.

These are also certified by various local and international standards to pro. Together with our dependable and hardworking staff, we aim to bring you the best products and services suitable for every application.

Our Line of Products:

1. Lubricating Systems: Lubricating Systems are used to reduce the friction and heat between two or more solid surfaces that are in contact. These are used in various industries like automotive, construction, manufacturing, and engineering. They may be oil-based or water-based.

2. Coolant Pumps: A coolant pump is a device that is used to circulate coolant in a machine or system. The coolant provides cooling to the engine, the power-train, or other parts of the vehicle. The main function of a coolant pump is to provide heat transfer from liquid coolant to an external heat ex-changer. This heat exchange process then removes the heat from the liquid and transfers it into a gas (usually air).

3. Grease Pumps: Grease pumps are a type of pump that is used to pump grease from a storage container to the point of use. These pumps are usually used in food service industries like restaurants and cafeterias. They are also commonly found in industrial settings for lubrication purposes. The grease pump is a simple, yet effective means of transferring liquid or semi-liquid material from one place to another. The most common application for this type of pump is to transfer cooking oil or other types of lubricant into the fryer and other cooking appliances.

4. Blowers Air-Driven Pumps: They are air-driven pumps that are used in various applications. Blowers Air-Driven Pumps are often used to provide the required pressure for a system or machine and this is why they are also called as pressure pumps.

Some of the most common applications for these pumps include:

i) Air Compressors: These compressors use the power of compressed air to generate high volumes of compressed air. The compressed air is then used to perform various tasks like powering pneumatic tools, running machine tools, and more.

ii) Fire Protection Systems: These systems use the power of compressed air to create a barrier that can stop fires from spreading. When there is an emergency such as a fire, these systems can be activated by pressing a button or pulling a lever. They can also be automated with sensors so that they activate only when needed and not at other times when there is no fire emergency.

5. Pumps Accessories: Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd always focus on the product quality and high efficiency. We provide a wide range of variety in our pump accessories segment. Following are our key feature products: